Auto Accidents

Auto Accidents

Car accidents happen every day. You see them on the side of the road as you commute to work; your friend calls you from the impound lot to pick him up after a collision on his way home from the movies. Accidents are commonplace, and you just write them off as a fact of life.

Until an accident happens to you.

Getting into a car accident, no matter how small, is enough to unnerve even the strongest person. Not only must you contend with the loss of security you may feel as a result—it might be impossible to feel safe in your car for a time after the incident—you must also resolve any insurance and lingering health issues that accompany an accident.

Bodily Injury

Even though the body of your car may look relatively unharmed, chances are your body has fared much worse. Your body is made up of soft tissues and breakable bones, and even if you can’t see visible damage, it’s possible that the car accident has done a great deal of harm.

Traditional medicine and the car accident

Going to the emergency room after a car accident may be an exercise in futility. Unless you have immediately apparent injuries like broken bones or head lacerations, you may leave the ER with nothing more than a prescription for drugs to help with pain.

This approach is insufficient to heal the injuries that can be caused by a car accident. Your best option is to see a qualified professional who is familiar with the spine, soft tissue, the injuries that can occur as a result of even the smallest accident, and knows how to get you on a path to recovery.

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Our clinic is experienced in accident injury and can give you relief from your accident-related pain. A traditional approach would have you try to medicate the pain away; we want to find the source of the pain and start from there. Call us today for a consultation and get your pre-accident life back.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: What is causing the pain in my arms and hands?

A: The spinal cord branches off into nerves that proceed to the different parts of your body, including the arms and hands. If the part of your neck that has been injured corresponds to the nerves that service your arms and hands, that is where you will feel pain, or numbness and tingling. This is a fairly common result of car accidents.

Q: It’s been weeks since my accident. Why am I starting to get headaches now?

A: Accidents are only one cause of stress on your body. The truth is, you are constantly responding and adjusting to your surroundings. When your body has reached its limit in terms of ability to adjust, symptoms such as headaches may result. This can take any amount of time to happen.

Q: Will the symptoms of my car accident ever go away?

A: With chiropractic treatment, it is possible to see an end to your symptoms. Although those who postpone treatment may develop scar tissue and require more extensive chiropractic therapy, there is hope for anyone who has been in a car accident.

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