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Appreciate Your Neck

The neck is quite an amazing feat of engineering. It supports the head, which is a rather heavy load for the neck’s relatively small diameter, and it also turns the head, and provides housing for the spine, which in turn protects the spinal cord. The spinal cord is a vital part of the central nervous system, which coordinates the functioning of the entire body. Therefore, it stands to reason that neck pain can negatively affect the entire body.

Neck Pain

Typically, patients report one of two types of neck pain. The first is minor neck pain, which might also include minor shoulder pain, and this pain generally manifests itself as achiness, stiffness, or discomfort. Neck pain is considered major when symptoms are persistent, frequent, or were caused by an accident or other trauma.

Stress as a Source of Pain

Many people "carry stress" in their neck and shoulders, meaning that emotional, physical, or chemical stress causes them to tighten their neck and shoulder muscles. Recurrent tightening of these muscles leads to muscle spasms, muscle pain, and headaches. Often, people turn to pain killers to deaden the headaches or muscle soreness, but these drugs can create dependency, and even worse, do not treat the cause of the pain.

Treat the Underlying Issue

Complaints of neck pain are common at Winters Wellness Center, and we don’t prescribe drugs for the problem, nor do we recommend surgery. Instead, we take a natural approach, using systematic adjustments to treat the tension that creates neck and shoulder pain.

Many patients are able to find relief from their pain through the therapy they receive at our clinic.

Schedule a consultation with our clinic today to receive care for your neck and shoulder pain; you have nothing to lose, except your pain!

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