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Ear Infections - Chiropractic

Ear infections are a common malady of childhood. An ear infection occurs when the small tube connecting the ear to the throat becomes inflamed and traps fluid in the ear. This fluid can become infected, causing pain and discomfort. Ear infections tend to happen more in children because the tubes in their ears are very small and are more easily blocked.

When your child has an ear infection, he or she may become fussy or cry in pain. A visit to the doctor seems like the only recourse, and the treatment options you are given are often less than desirable. The choices you can expect from traditional medicine are:

  • Antibiotics: While antibiotics may be necessary for severe bacterial ear infections, many infections are viral, which renders an antibiotic totally useless.
  • Tubes: Placing tubes in the ears to artificially drain fluid buildup requires risky surgery, which means putting your child under general anesthesia. Not only is this option drastic, it is often ineffective; these tubes are not guaranteed to stay in the ear and in some cases must be replaced.

Thankfully, there is a better way to approach the treatment of ear infections.

Ear infections and chiropractic

When frequent ear infections are plaguing your child, these infections may be a symptom of an underlying problem. The body’s inability to combat infection is a sign of a dysfunction somewhere, often in the nervous system. If the nerves that are responsible for ear function are impaired by misaligned bones in the spine or upper neck, this malfunction could cause a failure of the immune system to protect the ear from infection.

Nerve impingement is sometimes attended by an excess of tension in the muscles supporting the spine. This muscle tension can put stress on the lymphatic ducts that drain the ear, which exacerbates the infection.

Our approach

When you bring your child to our clinic for an ear infection, we do an examination to determine whether or not there are distortions in the spine and neck. If there is nerve interruption, chiropractic adjustments are given to lessen the tension, thereby repairing nervous system functioning. This adjustment is gentle and completely safe for your child, and we will be sure to tell you well in advance what to expect.

If you are interested in finding out more about what we can do for your child who is suffering from an ear infection, don’t hesitate to call our clinic today for a consultation.

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