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In the stressful and fast-paced environment we live in today, headaches are a common complaint. However, a headache, like any other kind of pain, is a signal from the body that something is not functioning correctly.

Medicating the problem

Those who suffer from frequent headaches will often take drugs to numb the pain. However, common headache medications have multiple possible side effects such as stomach pain, diarrhea, and liver damage. Ironically, several pain medications that people often gulp down at the first sign of an approaching headache list "headache" as a potential side effect! The worst part about these medications is that they merely cover up a symptom, rather than dealing with the cause of the pain.

Finding the problem

Often, headaches are caused by improperly functioning bones in the neck, which can limit your head’s rotation. This vertebral subluxation in the upper spine affects the nerves and muscles that control your head, and may even disturb the blood flow to your brain. Interestingly enough, distortions in the lower spine are sometimes found to be the culprit in our patients suffering from headaches. If there are problems in the lower spine, the upper spine overcompensates for the distortion, causing pain in the head.

An examination at our clinic may uncover vertebral subluxations that are the source of your headaches. If these subluxations are discovered and subsequently treated, you may find long-desired relief for your pain.

Common Questions

Q: Do all headaches originate with spinal distortion?

A: No. Emotional stress, chemical toxins, or physical trauma such as a fall or collision are the most common causes of headaches. A headache can be caused by one or many factors, and a thorough chiropractic examination can help find the most probable explanation.

Q: What causes vertebral subluxation?

A: Subluxations are generally the result of one of three principal causes: physical, emotional, and chemical. Physical events can include accidents, repetitive motion, or improper lifting, while emotional issues like stress and anger can create spinal disturbance. Chemicals in alcohol, drugs, preservatives, and air pollution all can affect the health of your spine, and therefore the overall health of your body.

Q: I have been unable to receive a proper diagnosis for my health problems. What can I do?

A: Not knowing the cause of your pain or other illness is frustrating and emotionally taxing. If you feel something is wrong, ignoring the signals your body is sending you is the last thing you should do. The inability of a general practitioner to find the cause of your problems is doesn’t mean that your problem doesn’t exist. Schedule a consultation with our clinic; after close examination, we often find that vertebral subluxation is the explanation for previously unexplainable problems.

Q: How many appointments will it take to make me healthy?

A: You might get results after your first appointment. You might have to wait a few weeks to find relief. It’s hard to pinpoint a timeframe for recovery without first knowing precise symptoms and performing an exam. However, we will provide the best care possible and work with you to find the best schedule of treatment for your particular ailment. You can feel safe in our hands.

Q: Is it possible chiropractic care won’t solve my health problems?

A: There may be times when chiropractic care is not the correct prescription for a particular problem. However, chiropractic is known to improve overall health and wellbeing. In any case, if we are unable to uncover the reasons for your ailment, we will help you find an expert who will be able to assist you on your road to recovery; your health and happiness are of the utmost importance to us.

Q: My family practitioner knew of my symptoms but never suggested I see a chiropractor. Why not?

A: The field of medicine is currently undergoing a change of opinion about the benefits of chiropractic. Where medical doctors traditionally resorted to drugs and surgery to "heal" even the most common of illnesses, modern research showing the benefits of chiropractic is enlightening even the most traditional of medical doctors.

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