Pregnancy - Chiropractic

Most people don't recognize the benefits Chiropractic care offers to both mother and baby during pregnancy. The goal of chiropractics is alignment in order to optimize the function of the nervous system, this applies as much in pregnancy as in any other life stage.

Four Stages to Seek Chiropractic Care


  • Chiropractics prior to conception encourages more regular menstrual cycles and improves uterine function, while equipping your body to be strong, flexible, and stable for the pregnancy.


  • Routine chiropractic adjustments help to increase and maintain flexibility and function for the optimal birth, both for mother and child. A healthy nervous system creates the most favorable environment for the baby to grow, while optimizing the mother's ability to function and care for the developing baby.

Labor and Birth

  • When the mother has been adjusted throughout the pregnancy seem to have easier and faster deliveries. The muscles and ligaments surrounding the uterus have maintained flexibility allowing the baby to maneuver through the birth canal with little difficulty.

Post Birth

  • The birth process is very stressful on the baby's delicate skeleton, even in natural births, and Chiropractic care can help even the healthiest babies. We use safe and refined adjustments to align your baby's spine, treating subluxation.

Common Questions:

Q. Will my baby be hurt during the adjustment?

A: Absolutely not. We would never do anything to jeopardize you or your baby. Adjustments are modified for the baby's tiny, fragile spine.

Q. Why do I need Chiropractic adjustments if pregnancy is natural?

A: Pregnancy and birth is natural. It's what happens during and after that we want to address; drugs and epidurals have a serious affect on the baby, then comes the loud noises and cold temperatures that make up the baby's introduction to the world.

Q. Will my medical doctor approve?

A: You don't need anyone's permission to receive a Chiropractic assessment regarding your baby's health. It is wise to seek the opinion of another health care professional. Medical doctors who keep up with the developing pediatric Chiropractic research are starting to see the value of the natural, drug-free approach to health.

Q. What does my spinal health have to do with my baby?

A. An optimal nervous system is ideal in all stages of life, but especially during pregnancy when you can help your growing baby develop and reach their potential. Adjustments are modified for the mother's condition, size and weight. Many mother's seek Chiropractics during this time to help control hormonal changes and weight gain, report shorter and easier births.

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