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Sciatica is a disturbing pain in the lower back, hips, and adjacent areas that spreads down one or both legs. The pain generally intensifies after prolonged standing or sitting. In typical cases, distress causes the discs between the spinal bones in the lower back to bulge, pressuring the nerves and causing stress and inflammation. If allowed to run it's course, the irritating nerve distress runs down the sciatic nerves causing the legs pain, even though the source of the pain is in the lower back.

What You Can Do

Prescriptions treat the symptoms but don't correct nerve distress. Bed rest often intensifies the pain. Therapeutics increase pain tolerance but doesn't make lasting changes. Contrary to therapy, surgery permanently changes the discs. None of these options will alleviate nerve compression.

Fortunately, through routine Chiropractic adjustments range of motion and mobility can be restored to the joints and lower back. Don't suffer in silence, come to the clinic and let us help you.

Common Questions

Q. How does one get sciatica?

A: In most cases, sciatica is simply the result of years of wear and tear. Incorrect posture, excess weight, poor muscle tone are just few of the culprits that could be responsible for your pain.

Q. Can Sciatica be cured through Chiropractic adjustments?

A: Chiropractics doesn't cure anything. The power that made the body, heals the body. Our approach to sciatica is the same as with any other health problem; using Chiropractics, we align the spine thereby relieving pressure on the nerves and inducing your body's natural healing.

Q. How often will I need to receive Chiropractic adjustments?

A: Many patients suffering from sciatica experience notable results within a few weeks or months of routine adjustments. Of course treatment is designed on a patient-by-patient basis, and varies because of it. After achieving pain relief, most patients opt to receive adjustments regularly to maintain their spinal health and to prevent a relapse.

Q. I didn't have a traumatic experience spurring the pain, could I still have sciatica?

A. Our backs were made to withstand stresses of all kinds for years, but then, without a major movement or accident, we can bend or move in such a way that our spine gives out to the years of stress it has endured.

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