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Slipped Disc - Chiropractic

Technically, a disc can't 'slip'. However, it can bulge, wedge, or rupture. The disc is a unique cartilage between the bones of the spinal column. The disc is knitted into the vertebra above and below those bones, inhibiting the disc from "slipping," this allows amble space for the nerves to exit.

Each disc has a gel substance much like a ball bearing contained by cords of fibrous tissue. Healthy discs serves as a fastener, separator, and shock absorber for the spinal column. Trips, slips, falls, awkward lifting, and car accidents can cause core displacement, the source of disc problems. Chiropractics can help.

Indication of Disc Involvement

  • Numbness, tingling and loss of normal range of motion are symptoms that could indicate a bulged disc.


  • As it ages, the spinal disc looses elasticity and becomes more vulnerable to damage. Herniation occurs when the disc is pushed beyond it's limits, causing a bulge that could pinch your nerves and spinal cord.


  • The ligaments are still intact, but the disc bulges into the vertebra pinching nerves in the process.


  • When the disc ruptures, the soft center of the disc leaks applying pressure to the neighboring nerve roots and spinal cord sending pain signals throughout your entire body.

Common Questions:

Q: How will Chiropractic Care help a 'slipped' disc?

A. If treated early, regular adjustments help the disc tissue return to a normal size, thereby restoring healthy range of motion and spinal function alleviating the pressure off the nerves and spinal cord.

Q: Is the aging process to blame for disc problems?

A. No. Although the majority of disc related issues are caused by years of neglect and poor nutrition, therefore causing the bones to weaken. There are numerous circumstances where elderly patients have admirable skeletal health and function, due to taking care of their spine throughout their life.

Q: I haven't done anything severe, how can it be disc related?

A. Our backs were made to withstand stresses of all kinds for years, but then, without a major movement or accident, we can bend or move in such a way that our spine gives out to the years of stress it has endured.

Q: Do you ever recommend surgery?

A. We do everything we can to prevent surgery. But, in severe cases and after every conservative approach has been exhausted, surgery may be sought as a last resort.

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