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Stress is not always negative, in fact some stress can be healthy. Stressing your muscles through affective exercise is a healthy stress. Stressing those muscles beyond their breaking point is not healthy.

Physical Stress

  • We experience physical stress while being born and it doesn't stop after that. Through repetitive motions (lifting children, hammering nails, or painting the wall), postural contortion (sleeping in the "wrong" position), car accidents, and the typical slips and falls we experience are classified as physical stress.

Mental Stress

  • Apparent through harsh working environments, grieving the loss of a loved one, or a feeling of inadequacy, mental stress is common. Depression, frustration and anxiety are other areas that commonly show emotional stress.

Chemical Stress

  • Today's environment is full of chemical attacks; whether it be from tobacco, alcohol, preservatives, drugs, vaccinations, or pollen, there are numerous substances attacking our nervous system and physical make up.

Don't Settle for Living Stressed Out

Just because stress is common, doesn't mean you have to accept it and do nothing. While nothing can completely alleviate stress from your life, chiropractics help you acclimate and adjust to the stress life throws at you.

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  • In a world of high stress, poor nutrition and excessive toxicity, Dr. Winters and the staff of Winters Wellness Center are taking a very unique approach to healthcare
  • This unique approach can add both years to your life and life to your years by combining functional diagnosis and customized nutrition programs.
  • Experience a no twisting or popping form of chiropractic care, which delivers amazing results in health restoration.
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