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It is not uncommon for patients whose quality of life has been dramatically improved as a result of chiropractic treatment they receive at Winters Wellness Center to praise Dr. Winters for setting them on a journey to wellness. Here are some patients who are now able to live fulfilling, satisfying lives again.

I cannot express enough my gratitude to God for bringing such a powerful healer into my life. I am also grateful for the "never give up" support from Dr. Winters, his wife Debbie, and the rest of the team at Winters Wellness Center.

T.A. Economou

My life consisted of physical activities including; tennis,racquetball, running, hiking and regular workouts at the gym. Within a 3-4 month period I experienced a life changing health challenge which resulted in total paralysis of my body. I was in the ICU in a hospital and then ended up for an extended hospital stay of 70 days! I lost approximately 50 lbs. of "quality" weight and could move only my hands, my mouth and my eyes. I was unable to swallow very well and could not feed myself nor perform activities of daily living. I was living in a "new world" that was filled with despair and confusion. Dr. Winters with the aid of his wife Debbie Winters, began treatment and incorporated their protocols in nutrition, chiropractic, soft laser and detoxification, to name just a few. The fact that I am sitting in my office writing this testimonial and back on my feet again, explain the miraculous results I received. I have regained my strength and am able to walk without any assistance. (I was confined to a wheelchair). I am back on schedule with my healthy weight and my energy levels have bounced back. I cannot express enough my gratitude to God for bringing such a powerful healer into my life. I am also grateful for the "never give up" support from Dr. Winters, his wife Debbie and the rest of the team at Winters Wellness Center.

T.A. Economou

In the last year I have had an endoscopy, lab tests, ultrasound, HIDA scan, and was prescribed protonics twice the normal dosage a day for the rest of my life. The doctors wanted to start removing things such as my gall-bladder and go from there. After consulting with Michael A. Winters, D.C. at Winters Wellness Center he recommended the 401HB Gastrointestinal Profile from BioHealth and found the underlying infection causing all of my problems. This is the first time in a year that I have been able to get up and eat breakfast without my stomach hurting and burning in the morning. My stomach isn't rumbling all day long anymore and I feel great. I just worked a full day and don't feel like I want to go home and crawl into bed. I highly recommend Dr. Winters and his staff to anyone who wants to find the root cause and actually get better.


Almost 20 years ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and during this time I have lived with almost every symptom associated with this type of health problem. After receiving treatment from many different sources and all kinds of doctors through the years, I was still living a life with many limitations due to sleep disturbance, fatigue, pain, and brain fog. During the past six weeks, through the help of Dr. Michael Winters at Winters Wellness Center, I have received the most help for this condition than at any other time during my search for improved health. The improvement I have seen in this short amount time has been amazing. I’m sleeping better, have more energy, increased focus and less pain than I have had in years. Dr. Winters is not just treating the symptoms but is finding the root causes of my problems and this is helping my body heal itself.

Eve C.

I first came to Dr. Winters 3 years ago with a severe crick in my neck. I had been seeing a massage therapist who had relieved the pain somewhat, but I was still suffering with pain from my neck up into my head. The therapist referred me to Dr. Winters at that time. I had some experience with traditional chiropractors who used "neck cracking" and other rough methods to realign my spine. Those always left me sore and hurting later. When I met with Dr. Winters for the first time, I was impressed in that he sat and actually talked with me about my history of pain. I had recently suffered some stress in my life and he discussed how that can often lead to physical problems. Debbie tested me to see where the problem areas were, so Dr. Winters could then design the best treatment plan for me. Within 4-6 visits, my neck pain was completely gone! I felt much better overall, and have continued with maintenance visits to keep me aligned ever since! I am a teacher, so I am often bending over small children and often hunched over a computer and books. He has been able to keep all that muscular problems from flaring up. I am also able to keep up with my exercise through yoga and cardio! I have referred many of my teacher friends to him, and they have been very pleased with the results. Dr. Winters, Debbie and Megan are extremely friendly and helpful, and I am so glad that I have discovered them!

Betsy Pickens

I would be legally blind today without the help of Dr. Winters and Debbie. I am very thankful I worked the front desk for them when I was diagnosed with a very rare auto-immune disease called Acute Multifocal Placcoid Pigment Epitheliopathy or A.M.P.P.E. In short, my body was attacking my retinas causing almost immediate blindness in first one eye and then both. I first tried the medical route and was told there was nothing they could do but give me steroids only because in theory they should help and to let it run its course. Obviously I was not satisfied leaving my vision to such weak odds. I was only 26 years old and couldn’t face the possibility that I might be blind for the rest of my life. Dr. Winters and Debbie spent countless hours helping me through chiropractic adjustments, cold laser therapy, nutritional testing, supplementation, and unwavering support. During one of my visits to the eye specialist he remarked how quickly I was healing and how surprised he was that my eyes looked as good as they did. I know without a doubt the care I received at Winters Wellness Center was the cause of that remarkable progress. In the course of my treatment Dr. Winters determined that food allergies to gluten, wheat, and eggs played a major role in the cause of my autoimmune disease. The medical field was never interested in the cause. I wanted to know why so I could prevent it from happening again. I am still working with Dr. Winters and Debbie to restore my health because this journey is not yet finished. However, I am now driving, reading, working, and functioning as an independent person. It took lots of trust, patience, and faith on my part. My life has changed its course but I am now on a path I can live happily with thanks to Dr. Winters.

Megan Boston Wood

As a young woman I began chiropractic care, and I had adjustments with three different doctors. In my career as a Rural Letter Carrier, at the Paducah Post Office, the many hours working from my car, my neck and back were affected. I was referred to Dr. Michael Winters more than 20 years ago, when he started practice in Paducah. I have received alternative types of care, newer types of adjustments, some computer programs for individual consultation on nutrition, and supplements. I am pleased and thankful for the care I have received from Dr. Winters, Debbie, and Megan at the Wellness Center.

Phyllis Johnson

The day I walked into Winters Wellness Center I was skeptical, scared and very depressed even though I was on the maximum dosage of two anti-depressants, since 1992. 8 weeks later, today when I walk in Dr. Winters office I was completely off one anti-depressant and my dosage has been minimized on my other anti depressant. I have total faith that over the next few months I will be anti-depressant free. I have started an exercise program since seeing Dr. Winters. I now work out 45 minutes a day 5 to 6 times a week. I have lost 23 pounds and am looking forward to the end of this year when I will be much lighter. Instead of drinking 3-4 gallons of tea a day, I have replaced a lot of it with cool, refreshing water.. As Debbie would say, "I cannot express enough the importance of water." When I first came to Dr. Winers I slept with the overhead light on getting up as often as 5 times a night, however now I am able to sleep without any kind of light and get up only once through out he night. I couldn't do hardly and housework when I first came, now I can vacuum, load and unload the dishwasher, do laundry and fold clothes without back pain. OH! my diabetes medicines have almost been cut in half since seeing Dr. Winters. I thank God for giving Dr. Winters the knowledge, love, and patience he has in Christ . I also feel that my faith combined with his chiropractic and wellness knowledge can bring forth great things in my health.


Of all the people I know in the medical field, Dr. Michael Winters is the most passionate and dedicated to his profession. He is a chiropractor but he is like one on steroids. He is so knowledgeable about what it takes to get and stay healthy and takes an amazing amount of courses every year to stay on top of his profession. He is also the go to guy for me when someone has an affliction that seems to be hopeless. He is amazing and I am so proud to be an associate of his and with total confidence be able to send my clients to him.

David Dean, L.M.T.

Skeptical! That’s how I felt coming to the Winters Wellness Center a few months ago for some lower back pain. I had gone to a couple of chiropractors before, but the pain would always come back. It wasn’t until I attended one of Dr. Winters wellness seminars that I started to understand how and why my body was reacting. Even though I was still skeptical, I knew I had to try something different in order to get different results! I committed to being well instead of just not sick. Dr. Winters and his staff are extremely professional and have helped me to understand every step of the way. After the initial discovery stage, they helped me set goals for getting well. Besides fixing my back pain, I wanted to lose weight. I began using the infrared sauna about a month ago and have lost 14 pounds! I have a ton of energy and I feel great! Thanks to the Winters Wellness Center, I am moving towards complete wellness.


A pain in my shoulder and a recommendation from a co-worker were the initial reasons I went to see Dr. Winters. During my initial exam I let him know about my shoulder, but I also told him I always have trouble falling asleep and I have a bad headache every day. That is not an exaggeration; I had a headache every day. I had seen my family physician, other chiropractors, and was under the care of a neurologist at the time of my first visit. The diagnosis from the neurologist was muscle contraction headaches and I was taking prescription medication for them. The prescription was not helping. I was sure that there was nothing Dr. Winters could do for my headaches. Headaches were a part of my everyday life and I would just continue to take Excedrin Migraine and least once a day. Dr. Winters had other ideas. I have been a patient of Dr. Winters for about two months and I no longer have a headache every day. I average about one headache a week. The neurologist has released me from his care and taken me off the medication. What an incredible difference! Not only are my headaches practically gone, but I fall asleep without a problem, my energy level is increased, and my shoulder pain is gone. My whole quality of life has improved! My life is no longer controlled by headaches. I have to admit I was skeptical about some of the techniques at first, but now I am a total believer in the chiropractic medicine he practices. Dr. Winters, Debbie and Melissa are all very personable and have truly changed my life. Thank you.

Tina W.

Our two adoptded daughters are " fetal alcohol effect". They have no ear lobes and a short attention span which is common with fetal alcohol children. Since going to Dr. Winters once a week and taking Omega 3 oils everyday we have had some great improvements. Both girls are now making 100% (most of the time) in math on the computer. Instead of taking an hour to unload the dishwasher it now only takes 10 minutes. They are now remembering to raise the flag on the mailbox and sing small songs. The youngest girl's reading has become smooth instead of jerky. She has also quit rocking back and forth while saying a,a,a... Her walking has become more flatfooted. We wish we had known about getting help thru chiropractic work 10 years ago when our great challenge began.

Loretta P.
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