Autoimmune disorders are skyrocketing. Many people don't know what is wrong with them, only to eventually hear that they have to "manage as best they can" with no real solution in sight.

What if that could stop? What if someone in the functional health community had taken a stand against these vague answers and spotty results? What if that person had literally thousands of hours of training and experience, along with a long list of raving fans?

What if that person were nearby?

Join that person - a.k.a.. Michael A.Winters, DC - as he brings you an honest look at the real root cause of autoimmune disorders and how - based on his real experience with members of his practice - he is able to radically change the prognosis for many different people.

This workshop at Winters Wellness Center- Chiropractic Redefined in Paducah WILL fill up, so you MUST grab a ticket to ensure you have a seat.

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