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“Whether you feel overlooked, ignored, or even just frustrated with your health, my team and I are here to help. These articles will shed some light on how we have earned our passionate patients over the last 35 years.”

- Dr. Michael Winters

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Latest Wellness Tips and Information

How the Immune and Nervous Systems Work Together
Dr. Winters describes how the immune system and nervous system match each other and dance together in autoimmunity.
Explaining When Core Exercise Fails
Core exercise will not yield all the useful benefits when neurological activation is lost. Dr. Winters describes the of testing[...]
Facial Paralysis Improvement in One Session
Cheryl had trouble smiling and moving the left side of her face for years until she had her first QNRT[...]
What an Autoimmune Attack Looks Like
When an autoimmune attack occurs, what does it "attack"? Cyrex Labs has produced something called the "Multiple Autoimmune Reactivity Screen"[...]