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“Whether you feel overlooked, ignored, or even just frustrated with your health, my team and I are here to help. These articles will shed some light on how we have earned our passionate patients over the last 35 years.”

- Dr. Michael Winters

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Latest Wellness Tips and Information

This Patient Was Told She’d Never Work Again at Her Dream Job. Then We Did Something Unexpected.
Sharing success stories is always such a treat. Today, I am sharing a wonderful story about a highly credentialed person[...]
Do you have good strategies to get truly healthy?
There are countless ways to treat disease. But do you have solid strategies to actually get healthy instead of just[...]
Post Viral Support and Recovery From a Doctor’s Perspective
We all get sick at some point. But when we think of getting sick, we tend to focus on the[...]
Is Histamine Intolerance a Cause of your Brain, Heart, Skin, Digestive or Pain Concerns ?
Histamine Intolerance is an issue that I am seeing in my office more often than ever before. If you don't[...]
Truths on Immune Health Stay the Same Despite Public Heath Recommendations Changing
The story about disease and how we prevent it seems to change weekly. BUT, the ways we create immunity to[...]
Immune Support That Everyone Needs Right Now (My Personal Recommendation)
Everyone's health is different, but I am frequently asked about general advice for taking care of one's own health. I[...]