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“Whether you feel overlooked, ignored, or even just frustrated with your health, my team and I are here to help. These articles will shed some light on how we have earned our passionate patients over the last 35 years.”

- Dr. Michael Winters

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Latest Wellness Tips and Information

Two Mechanisms of Post-Covid Inflammation
Every single day in our office, we see people with post COVID inflammation. It usually starts out, like this: ”I[...]
Holistic Doctor Interview: Why QNRT Helps So Many Overcome Their Obstacles
So much of healthcare is focused on one specific action for one specific issue. But QNRT therapy goes against the[...]
The 3 Myths of QNRT That Delay Healing for Those Who Need It
As a practitioner focused on understanding and addressing the hidden root causes of health problems, I have had the opportunity[...]
A Fresh Look at Feeling Great (Top Video from 2021)
When you better understand your health, it is much easier to make good decisions that will help you towards your[...]
This Patient Was Told She’d Never Work Again at Her Dream Job. Then We Did Something Unexpected.
Sharing success stories is always such a treat. Today, I am sharing a wonderful story about a highly credentialed person[...]
Do you have good strategies to get truly healthy?
There are countless ways to treat disease. But do you have solid strategies to actually get healthy instead of just[...]