Why Most Conditions

Are Autoimmune in Nature

Your host:

Dr. Michael Winters, DC

Health care is much more than fixing pain when it flares up. I've devoted my career to helping my community unlock the hidden secrets of health so that they can live happily ever after."

Until now, I've only shared this presentation with a few of my private patients.

So many people hear that I am a Doctor of Chiropractic and they immediately assume that I only help with back and neck pain.

As you'll see in the video, that couldn't be farther from the truth!

I focus my practice on helping my community to feel better by identifying the root cause of their issues and then helping them to resolve the problems.

Autoimmune conditions are one of many things that I have deep experience in. Review some of the video testimonials below to see if they sound like they have been where you are now. When you're ready, request an appointment and we'll work on your health, together.

Yvonne came to us because she felt like she was trapped in her own home dealing with crippling anxiety. Today, she's doing better than ever and happy to share her story.

Heather describes how she had Hashimoto's which spun into Graves disease and was resolved with QNRT and homeopathic series therapy.

Holly had problems with anxiety and stress. She saw every type of doctor, but none of them could actually do anything to help. Then, she found me and everything changed.

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