QNRT – Quantum Neurological Reset Therapy

Giving Yourself a "Reboot"

Your mind and body are incredibly complex systems, not unlike the technology that you interact with every day. Think of the way they operate like the way your smartphone works.

The longer you have your phone, the slower it seems to get over time. The more you use it, the harder it is to get everything you need out of it. The operating system that runs your phone was designed to keep your phone running for a very long time, but external factors fill up the memory, introduce problems like software bugs and glitches, and degrade performance over time.

If you take your slow, buggy phone to a repair shop, the first thing they do is perform a reset. They clean out the software and restore it to how it functioned before all of the external factors slowed everything down. Suddenly, it works great again.

QNRT Can Produce Amazing Results!

While we always remind new patients that an individual's results vary depending on their health history and treatment plan, QNRT is helping to create the stories that are causing people to drive and fly from across the country for Dr. Winters's care and capabilities.

Rebooting your Brain and Nervous System

Guess what? We now have the technology to do essentially the same thing with your brain and nervous system. We can reboot them and clear away the external factors that slow you down, alter your mood, reduce your ability to concentrate, and cause many other problems.

The process is called QNRT - Quantum Neurological Reset Therapy. It is a scientific, technology-centric process based on the fact that the brain and nervous system control and coordinate all functions of the body. "Adverse Emotional Stress" comes from events that you encounter in your life that are not resolved properly. These stresses create long-term changes to your nervous system. These can lead to physical, biochemical, and emotional dysfunctions that many doctors struggle to diagnose and address properly.

QNRT associates common experiences such as sleeplessness, anxiety, nervousness, fatigue, soreness, and gastrointestinal complications with past emotional events. The unique therapy enables us with the tools to assess your nervous system and address the deepest cause of your body’s dysfunction.

QNRT is not for everyone, but we have developed a rapid analysis that will help us understand if you are a fit for this kind of gentle care. Schedule a 90 minute session in our office to find out if QNRT is a great fit for you. The cost of the appointment is only $150 and is paid during your visit.

Many common experiences find their roots in past emotional events. Many QNRT patients are able to see significant improvements with issues like:

  • difficulty sleeping
  • anxiety/depression
  • feelings of nervousness in general or relative to specific types of experiences
  • general fatigue
  • gastrointestinal complications

What Can You Expect in a QNRT Session?

First: know that this is not talk therapy. Instead, this protocol is used to determine the emotional trauma or event that needs to be reset. Then, we use a specific protocol using neurological tests and specific neurologic inputs. These neurologic inputs are found on different parts of your head, organs, and tissues. We will stimulate these point by gently touching them or by using a low-level light therapy device.

During the discovery session, we will tell you at what age the event occurred! We will also identify other key pieces of the puzzle and amazingly enough, since your 95% subconscious brain is guiding us to the issue, you will more often than not have the event pop right into your head. You will be amazed at how accurate this is! We are then able to reset the effects of the trauma again using neurological tests and specific neurologic points on the body.

How Do You Know If You Would Benefit From QNRT?

QNRT is a very important part of helping you get healthy and stay that way. We require each new patient to complete an evaluation visit prior to beginning QNRT care. This allows us to know that this type of care is the right program at the right time for you.

We have developed a rapid analysis that will help us understand if you are a fit for this kind of gentle care. Schedule an exam session in our office to find out if QNRT is a great fit for you. The total cost is only $150!

Dr. Michael Winters

Master QNRT Practitioner

Due to overwhelming demand, we now offer personalized intensive programs for out-of-town patients. We have seen patients from more than 26 states and continue to encourage visitors to call our office and inquire about an intensive care program that fits their travel schedule and needs.

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