Success Stories

What Do You Do When Your Eyesight Fails at 25? (Don't Worry: She Got Better!)

Another Wonderful Success Story Concerning Occipital Neuralgia

She Was Told She Would Never Work Again... But We Did Something No One Expected!

This was my last hope... and I never imagined the results would be like this.

Patient Success: From Homebound with Anxiety to Living My Best Life

Recovery From Hashimoto's and Graves with QNRT and Homeopathy

Results worth traveling 1,900 miles for!

Could not feel his feet - now referees basketball again! with QNRT

Relief of Treatment Resistant Nausea with QNRT

Relief From Meniere's Disease with QNRT

Calmer Brain and Body with QNRT

Pain Reduction, Mood Improvement, and Energy through Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy

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