New Patients from Out of Town

How We Provide Intensive Treatment Programs

"Can you help me remotely? What if I live far away?"

This is a question that comes in pretty often! While there are many things that technology allows us to do with modern care, there are things that require you to be here with us.

Now for those 1 1/4 to 2 hours away you may wish to have your exam and report of findings the same day. We will just need to schedule your exam before lunch and your report of findings after lunch to give Dr. Winters time to review your findings and prepare a proposed care plan.

For those greater than 2 hours away you often want to get some care the same day or from a significant distance you may wish to come in for an intensive series of care. For you, we recommend a consultation by Zoom or phone in which we discuss your suitability for care in our office and what specifically an intensive care plan would look like for you. We have seen patients from 28 states including patients flying in from Alaska and Hawaii. Please schedule a Zoom or phone consultation, fill out the New Patient Online Form , submit any applicable records and pay for your online consult ( $150 ) on the Pay for 1st Apt button in the menu.

Flight options to Paducah

  • direct flights from Charlotte to Paducah via Contour Airlines

  • flights via Contour Airlines from Chicago O'hare to Marion , Illinois which is one hour away

  • Flights to Nashville, TN which is 2.5 hours away

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