How to Become a New Patient at Winters Wellness Center

Step 1

Request your appointment.

Step 2

Complete your forms.

Step 3

Prepare for your visit.

Step 1: Request Your Appointment.

Message the office via the website, text or call 270-554-2141 and confirm new patient exam time with our staff.

If you have brain health concerns such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, OCD or memory loss you will also want to schedule a q-EEG ( different than a hospital EEG, this will show us patterns to help restore your brain health.)

It is also best to schedule a second visit ( report of findings where we will review your findings and discuss a recommended plan of care. ).

Once you have these times secured, proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Complete Forms.

Fill out the New Patient Online Forms on this page.

Upon completion and submission it will automatically be received by our office.

Additionally If you have brain health concerns or the staff has recommended it please fill out the Brain Localization form: print version ( print out , fill out , scan and email or the digital version ( download, fill out and save to your computer before e-mailing ).

Step 3: Before Your First Visit

You can pay for your first appointment on the Pay for First Appointment tab or by clicking this link. Due to the number of requests we receive, your appointment is not secured until you have paid for your visit.

The exam is $150 and the q-EEG is also $150 if applicable. You may use health savings accounts. Ours is a cash practice due to the nature of our work. If you have questions you can watch the "how do you handle insurance video" or ask the staff.

If you have labs or radiology within the last two years that is applicable to your health concern then please email, fax 270-554-8795 or bring to our office 24 hours before your exam so Dr. Winters can review it and be best prepared for your exam. There is below a patient records release form which can be filled out and sent to any applicable offices or labs that have your records.

"Getting the most from your time with me"

"How do you handle insurance?"

Note: For Long-Distance Patients, Please Read

Now for those 1 1/4 to 2 hours away you may wish to have your exam and report of findings the same day. We will just need to schedule your exam before lunch and your report of findings after lunch to give Dr. Winters time to review your findings and prepare a proposed care plan.

For those greater than 2 hours away you often want to get some care the same day or from a significant distance you may wish to come in for an intensive series of care. For you, we recommend a consultation by Zoom or phone in which we discuss your suitability for care in our office and what specifically an intensive care plan would look like for you. We have seen patients from 28 states including patients flying in from Alaska and Hawaii. Please schedule a Zoom or phone consultation, fill out the New Patient Online Form , submit any applicable records and pay for your online consult ( $150 ) on the Pay for 1st Apt button.

Flight Options to Paducah

  • direct flights from Charlotte to Paducah via Contour Airlines

  • flights via Contour Airlines from Chicago O'hare to Marion , Illinois which is one hour away

  • flights to Nashville, TN which is 2.5 hours away

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