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Physical, chemical and emotional stress often places unnecessary stress on an individual’s nervous system. This may result in poor communication between the brain and the body. As a top chiropractor in Paducah, Dr. Winters’ gentle approach to alignment, which requires no twisting, no turning, no cracking and no popping, can actually restore healthy communication between an individual’s body and brain. When this communication is restored, our bodies feel better and health is improved.

While there are no bad chiropractic techniques, there are techniques that may be better suited for an individual’s health and wellness goals. All chiropractic techniques are designed to normalize the nervous system so that the brain can more effectively communicate with the various parts of a person’s body, allowing it to heal.

Some doctors accomplish this goal by administering high velocity adjustments by hand, in which the joint surfaces of the spine separate slightly; creating a temporary vacuum within the joint fluid that causes a pop to occur.

Dr. Winters prefers to use an instrument that does not produce the popping sound, however it does have a similar neurological effect. The resulting effect for the patient is the same.

Why does Dr. Winters prefer this advanced method over the more traditional chiropractic approach? He has found it is easier on the patients physically. He has also found that it delivers better long-term health outcomes as the spinal tensions are better released vs. just being transferred from one area of the spine to another.

Patients who are accustomed to the manual approach will have to give it several adjustments to get used to the instrument adjusting approach. They will not get the initial endorphin release they were used to with manual methods so it may not feel like as much was done right at the moment. In time and with patience, these same individuals often grow to prefer the instrument adjustment because they feel more long-term change going on.

Koren Specific Technique

At Winters Wellness we apply a unique, breakthrough approach to patient care called the Koren Specific Technique (KST). There is no twisting, turning, cracking or popping of joints with KST. Instead, Dr. Winters applies very gentle, specific corrections to an individual’s spine and structural system. With this technique he is able to adjust all areas of the body applying very light force. This is a special kind of chiropractic care in Paducah, KY that you won't find at most offices!

Correcting Subluxations

Using KST, Dr. Winters is able to correct a serious form of nerve stress caused by distortions or misalignments in a patient’s spine and body structure. This stress or misalignment is known as subluxation. Subluxations can cause physical, mental or emotional malfunctions. They are often associated with loss of energy, pain, weakness and disease of all types.

Because a person’s Central Nervous System controls the function of the entire body, any stress or interference with the spinal cord and nervous system will result in reduced overall body functions.

What Causes Subluxations?

Subluxations may be caused by physical, chemical, or emotional stress or trauma. These can come in the form of slips, falls, auto accidents, childhood traumas or even the birthing process itself. Our purpose at Winters Wellness is to remove this stress from our patients’ bodies so that they can function at a higher level of health.

How It Works

During each session, a patient’s structural system is scanned for subluxations as a certain body part is gently moved in various directions. If that body part is out of its correct position, Dr. Winters will notice on your scan that the base of the skull (the occipital bone) will drop lightly on the left. This is called the occipital drop (OD) and is a binary neurological biofeedback device. That body part is then corrected and moved back into its proper position.


Patients often experience retracing as deep, unhealthy stresses leave their body. This is an essential aspect of the journey toward health and wellness. At each session we correct the issues that your body is expressing at that time. Older injuries, distortions, subluxations and symptoms (both physical & emotional) may surface at later sessions. The release of old injuries is part of the healing process. On occasion, patients will experience "cleansing" symptoms such as diarrhea, fever, rash, etc., as their body rids itself of toxins and stresses.


A major advantage of KST is that it permits a patient to be analyzed and adjusted in different postures: standing, sitting, lying down, and so forth. This is very important, as some subluxation can only be observed when a patient is in a certain posture. For example, if a person’s injuries are due to an auto accident, his subluxations may only be revealed and completely corrected while he is in a seated position.

Gentle Yet Powerful Results

Koren Specific Technique is a very gentle process that results in powerful changes in the body. Patients usually notice dramatic changes even after the first visit. A person’s body will likely hold its corrections for a much longer time with KST, allowing him or her to go for longer periods between adjustments.

The arthrostim instrument Dr. Winters uses with KST taps at 12 times per second. This is the same rate of firing in the area of the brain that controls the muscles. This allows a very light force to result in huge change in the nervous system. We find that KST is very effective with children. Many of our young patients say it tickles! Infants often smile during the procedure due to the soothing vibration.

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