Red Light Therapy

When our phones run low on battery, we charge them.

So when the cells in our bodies don't have enough energy, they also need a charge. It just makes sense, right?

Red light therapy is a technologically advanced way of producing the unique biochemical effect in cells that strengthens the cell's mitochondria. You may remember from high school biology classes that the mitochondria are where the cell's energy is created. By increasing their function, a cell can produce more energy.

When your cells are producing more energy, we see many positive benefits. Your body can operate more effectively and repair damage. You also just feel better.

Is Red Light Therapy Dangerous? Does it burn?

In short: no! Red light therapy is a unique, technologically advanced process using specialized tools. This is different from many laser treatments or pulsed light treatments that you may have heard about. Those other treatments cause controlled damage to the outside skin layers, in turn starting more aggressive tissue repair. Red light therapy does NOT damage the skin in any way. The light from red light therapy goes about 5 millimeters below the skin's surface to do the work.

Red Light Therapy in Paducah

Red light therapy options in Paducah are available at Winters Wellness Center. A personal consultation with Dr. Winters will help you better determine how red light therapy could help you with your personal health goals.

Watch this brief video to get a better understanding of how we utilize red light therapy to help you!

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