Neurofeedback Care

Your behaviors impact how your brain operates and your brain impacts how you behave. When an unhealthy change in behavior occurs, it can lead to unhealthy changes in the brain. As a result, unhealthy changes in the brain can lead to further negative changes in behaviors.

These changes aren't always so obvious that they can be spotted right away. Over time, many small, unhealthy changes or responses to stimuli can build up, creating gradual changes in behavior that you may fail to recognize until something gets really bad. By the time you are aware of what has happened, you may face a long road to recovery.

Until now.

Neurofeedback is an exciting science that helps the brain to free itself of negative patterns and unhealthy responses that manifest as negative changes in behavior. Neurofeedback has shown in many cases to provide near-immediate, positive impacts to brain function and behavior.

Watch: Jennifer's Experience (so far!)

Jennifer is so excited to share her results from Neurofeedback care with Winters Wellness. Multitasking and mental lists are a key part of being successful in many careers. Jennifer knows that these are pivotal to HER work, so she came to us looking for clarity and focus.

Your care starts with an initial set of exams and an EEG test.

These exams are very important to your care. We recognize that every person has a different set of circumstances and variables tied to their health. If we treated everyone the same way, we would see wildly different results. Therefore, we rely on a set of non-invasive scans and tests to get a clear reading of how your unique circumstances have shaped your health.

What does an EEG test do?

An EEG is a painless, routine test that we complete during your initial visit. The test itself tracks electrical impulses in your brain. It shows us the patterns of stimulation that occur when you see, think, and interact. By analyzing these patterns, we are able to discern what parts of the brain need help to improve your health.

When the EEG is complete, we will have a roadmap for where to focus our efforts so that you can see great results as quickly as possible. We can actually "see" things like depression, anxiety, mental fatigue, and issues with slow processing of information.

This is a vital part of Neurofeedback care!

Neurofeedback Sessions: Yoga for the Brain!

Many physical therapists and chiropractors recommend yoga as a way for patients to make continual, positive changes to their body’s flexibility. When your body is more flexible, you are less prone to injury. You feel healthier. You’re better prepared for unexpected situations where you could otherwise injure yourself.

In the same way, neurofeedback helps your brain by improving elasticity and processing. When your brain “stretches” through neurofeedback sessions, it is less likely to fall into the pattern of “bad behavior, bad brain reaction” that causes you added stress and takes away from your focus.

How Does It Feel? Is Neurofeedback Safe?

Neurofeedback sessions are easy and enjoyable! You wear headphones during your sessions. With the headphones on, our equipment sends tiny, specific sounds to your ears. Brief, micro-second pauses in the audio trigger your brain to “recalibrate” and start processing the information it receives with a healthy accuracy. There is no physical adjustment and there is no “subconscious training” that could make you feel uncomfortable. Just think about our neurofeedback sessions as a time for you to relax in a comfortable chair and listen to music for a few minutes. It’s that easy and TOTALLY safe!

How do I get started with Neurofeedback care?

  • Request a New Patient Appointment with an EEG test using this form. The total cost of the exams, analysis, and care plan is $247.
  • After your tests are completed, Dr. Winters will prepare a personal report that includes a customized healthcare plan. This plan will show you what we need to do together in order to improve your health using our Neurofeedback care.
  • Your visits will be planned during your initial exams so that we can ensure that we work with your schedule.

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