QNRT – Quantum Neurological Reset Therapy

The videos below are excerpts from a half hour interview.

If you see a subject that speaks to you, take a moment to watch that clip. Alternatively, you can view the entire interview right away.

So much of healthcare is focused on one specific action for one specific issue.

But QNRT therapy goes against the grain by providing a multitude of benefits to help resolve many different issues.

QNRT can help with:


•fear and anxiety

•feeling overwhelmed

•lack of sleep

•feeling fatigued often

•inability to focus

...and so many other things.

Defining Trauma

How QNRT Affects the Brain and Nervous System

What Skills are Required of a QNRT Master Practitioner?

How I Got Into the Work I Do

Where Unprocessed Emotions End Up

Anxiety and Our Treatment

The Impact of Grief and Disappointment on the Brain

How QNRT Helps with Autoimmune Issues

Adapting to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Impactful but Comical Pandemic Stress Story for You!

How We Can See Life Through Faulty Belief Patterns

How many QNRT sessions do I need?

How QNRT Works so Well

We Need Healthcare for Emotional Health

Why QNRT is Different from Other Types of Emotional Work

Examples of a QNRT Reset Protocol

How QNRT Affects Success

Why We Can't Grade Trauma

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