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In a world of high stress, poor nutrition and excessive toxicity, Dr. Winters and the staff of Winters Wellness Center are taking a very unique approach to healthcare, one that can add both years to your life and life to your years. By combining functional diagnosis, customized nutrition programs and a whole person, no twisting or popping form of chiropractic care amazing results in health restoration are occurring daily.

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At Winters Wellness, we seek to treat the whole body. This means we do not simply “crack your back” or only address back and neck pain. We employ many different cutting edge techniques in our treatment that address ailments on physical, mental and emotional levels.

25 years of experience and thousands of hours of continuing education have convinced us that a comprehensive approach to health is what is needed for people to reach the highest possible level of wellness.

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Learning Challenges
My son is a boundlessly imaginative and intelligent seven year old, 2nd grader, who has struggled with reading and spelling.  We have hired a private tutor after school since the middle of kindergarten and progress has been slow.  Our family has been determined to find a non-Rx approach to improving his reading levels.  We have tried everything from Brain Gym exercises to other types of educational kinesiology with some moderate improvements.

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Three things I did to no longer fear Alzheimer's

Several times per week I would lose my keys, my wallet or my phone. I estimate I was spending up to an hour every week looking for those things. That is bad enough but when you have a parent that died of Alzheimer's it becomes a really bad sign. I am a huge learner but I felt like my ability to learn new information was slowing significantly and I knew I had to do something. I won't take time to describe the things I tried that did not work but I will give you three things that have totally changed all of these issues and given me confidence I will never get Alzheimer's. 

A Healing Blueprint- The Winters Model of Health Restoration

There is hope for healing from chronic health conditions . I want to share with you what I feel is the best framework for doing so- the Winters Model of Health Restoration. While it may seem elegantly simple , 30 years and many thousands of hours of continuing education has gone into the formation of this model. I offer it as a blueprint for how you can get healthier no matter where you're starting from and no matter what your diagnosis is.

Adrenal Correction

Virtually every natural health model gives some recognition to the role of the adrenal glands in optimal health. I wanted to  do just a short blog post and let you see how adrenal correction should look. I am going to use my before and after tests which were just under 7 months apart. Read further to see what correcting the adrenals looks like .

Frustrated - I'm sick and tired but my lab work is normal- Now what ?

Many people don’t feel well but their lab work is normal.  They then feel frustrated by the symptomatic treatment they receive. This frustration drives them to “alternative care”.   Faced with so many alternative approaches and choices and not knowing what will work or won’t work for them, a new set of frustrations develop.  This is the dilemma I had in mind over the last 25 years in developing the Winters Model of Health Restoration.  Here are some questions and answers I wrote for a local magazine concerning this dilemma. 

Your Out of Order ( with your health )

I think of a courtroom where the judge rules you out of order. With our health you could be trying to do really good things for yourself but not have the intended result because " You are out of order". When it comes to restoring our health there are steps we think should make us healthy but taken out of a certain order may not yield the results we think they should. Here are some examples.

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