Brain Training

Fitness requires more than a well-balanced diet and regular physical exercise. The human brain also plays a key role in being healthy. Through neurofeedback, Dr. Winters helps patients to train their brains to become more stable, resilient and flexible. When the brain functions at full capacity, people tend to overcome stressful life events more quickly. They are also better able to transition from a stressful day at work to a restful night’s sleep when the day is done.

When the central nervous system is not functioning properly, individuals are vulnerable to a variety of common conditions including ADHD, PTSD, Alzheimer’s Disease, autism, depression, anxiety, insomnia and poor responses to stress.

Dr. Winters uses a program called Neuro Optimal, which provides a real time way for the brain to learn about itself and to correct its patterns of inefficiency. When the central nervous system is operating efficiently, patients find that they are able to battle a multitude of physical, chemical and emotional stresses that are placed on their systems each day.

After receiving neurofeedback, many of Dr. Winters’ patients report improvements in their quality of sleep, mental focus, confidence and satisfaction, as well as an increase in their productivity at work. Patients with a history of being unable to successfully manage stressful life events report that they feel more calm and relaxed after undergoing the neurofeedback program that Dr. Winters prescribes.

The truth is that our brains have all the tools that our bodies need to live healthy, happy lives. While your brain may become weak, it never really forgets the information that you have learned. Yet, sometimes we require a boost to improve overall brain function.