Unlocking Your HIDN® Health

Discover why my patients routinely say that they have NEVER seen anything like this program.

As an expert in functional health care, I have spent years of my career reviewing, testing, and developing a concept unlike anything else being offered by general practitioners or traditional chiropractors. By targeting the root causes behind the problems associated with autoimmune conditions, I have found significant improvements in cases that have otherwise been considered lost causes by others in the field.

“A root-cause path to optimal health”

I have worked hard to make my process as transparent as possible. I want you to not only know what your care will look like, but to also understand why we are doing certain things. By treating your care as a partnership, I have found progress to be more rapid and results to be more dramatic than when you are kept on a "need to know" basis.

The five stages of the HIDN® Health program are:

  • De-flame your diet
  • Stabilize your immune system
  • Arrest the bad guys
  • Reset the brain-immune connection
  • Live an Autoimmune Lifestyle

Where do you go from here?

If you are serious about taking steps to improve your body's autoimmune response and stop your body from attacking itself, I really need to see you for about an hour in my office. This will give me the opportunity to complete a series of short exams. Each of these exams tells me something different about your body and its current state. Together, they give me a really good indicator of where we need to focus our time together to get you to your personal health goals.

If you were to just walk in to my office, you would probably discover that these tests are waitlisted several months out right now. However, I have blocked off times specifically for potential patients going through THIS online program with me. You can use the simple form below to request an appointment time. My staff will review the request and get back to you ASAP with a confirmation or alternate day and time. The sooner we are able to complete your tests, the sooner you will find that we are making inroads to dramatically improving your life.

Request an Appointment

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