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Nutrition and Detoxification

At Winters Wellness, it is our goal to equip patients with the tools they need to live healthier lives. Nutrition plays a key role in this process. Many of the symptoms from which patients suffer are due, in part, to a nutritional deficiency. Dr. Winters provides nutritional solutions to his patients that restore proper balance and function to their bodies.

In order to provide accurate nutritional recommendations, Dr. Winters has many conversations with his patients. He requires each person to complete a comprehensive functional questionnaire, which helps to determine the root of a patient’s health problem. Dr. Winters then reviews blood work and applies reflex testing to determine where the body’s energy may be off balance.

Some patients have trouble receiving the appropriate nutrients that their bodies need in order to function at high levels. Therefore, in addition to changes in a patient’s diet, Dr. Winters may also recommend nutritional supplements. The purpose of supplements is to restore nutritional balance to the whole body. The supplements we recommend at Winters Wellness target the source of a problem, rather than a symptom.

It is important to note that Dr. Winters' does not use the "Green Treatment" approach, a method, which replaces traditional medications with vitamins and herbs in order to treat symptoms. Green Treatment is often prescribed by individuals who have little expertise in the complexities of diagnosing health issues and who sell supplements that only treat the symptoms of a problem, rather than target the root cause of a person's problem. Green treatment is not a lasting solution the way Dr. Winters' approach of restoring function is.

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