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Before Your Report of Findings

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At Winters Wellness Center, we focus on people with chronic health problems and their families; therefore, our policies and procedures reflect that focus.  Your next visit is your Report of Findings, where we will review your findings from the Initial Exam and make our recommendations for your care. It is very important that all parties responsible for making decisions regarding your care are present with you for this appointment.

All persons directly involved with your care (spouse, parents, significant others) are required to view the Pre Report of Findings videos BEFORE your Report of Findings.  This appointment will help you fully understand the cause of your condition and the specific care we may recommend. Again, please bring any persons that will be involved in making decisions regarding your care to the appointment with you.  If you do not have internet access at home or video playing capabilities, please schedule a time with the front desk to view the required videos in our office. 

Pre Report of Findings video

Additionally, we would recommend that you watch 2-3 videos from any of the following.
Once you finish the Pre-Report of Findings video and at least 2-3 others, simply submit the form at the bottom of this page.

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AutoImmune - How to Stop Attacking Yourself

A New Approach to Autoimmunity with QNRT

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Chiropractic and Neurological Care

An Introduction to Genetic Testing

NeuroOptimal Neurofeedback Introduction

Adjustment During Pregnancy

QNRT Testimonials

Brain Training for Kids

When you are finished, please fill out the simple form below and press "Send" to notify us. Thank you!