Healing for the Whole Body

“A root-cause path to optimal health”

Functional Testing

Do you feel bad even when your test results are normal?


Restoring the brain/body connection without twists or pops


Getting the right nutrients in and toxins out for optimal healing

Brain Training

Train your brain for optimal health and peak performance

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Your health is far more than just how you feel right now. In this short webinar, I go behind the scenes and help you explore what really contributes to your health - and what you can do about it, right now.

Experience the Winters Difference

At Winters Wellness Center, we believe that achieving a high quality of life goes beyond the boundaries set by traditional medicine. Individuals who suffer from chronic illness often become frustrated by the multitude of trips to their physician, without being truly healed from the inside out. Healing for the whole person is most successful when a person’s emotional, mental and physical health is examined and treated. For instance, if the brain is not working properly, the body is likely to respond negatively as a result. When our body and mind is not working properly our emotional state of being will often move towards depression or anxiety. Our mind, body and soul are all connected.

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Dr. Michael Winters’ chiropractic methods are so innovative within the field of chiropractic medicine. His holistic approach to bringing his patients back to total wellness combines functional diagnosis, nutritional analysis and other practical recommendations that benefit the whole person. Patients who suffer from chronic illness have experienced deep healing as a result of Dr. Winters’ revolutionary chiropractic techniques and processes for administering long-term healing for the whole person.

We solve problems by understanding the root cause.

Physical, chemical and emotional stress often places unnecessary stress on an individual’s nervous system.

This may result in poor communication between the brain and the body.

Dr. Winters’ gentle approach to alignment requires no twisting, no turning, no cracking or popping, and can actually restore healthy communication between an individual’s body and brain.

When this communication is restored, our bodies feel better and health is improved.

Success Stories

This was my last hope... and I never imagined the results would be like this.

Patient Success: From Homebound with Anxiety to Living My Best Life

Recovery From Hashimoto's and Graves with QNRT and Homeopathy

Results worth traveling 1,900 miles for!

Could not feel his feet - now referees basketball again! with QNRT

Relief of Treatment Resistant Nausea with QNRT

Relief From Meniere's Disease with QNRT

Calmer Brain and Body with QNRT

Pain Reduction, Mood Improvement, and Energy through Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy

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